Tourist Trails

- green 10 km long – spans around Choczewskie Lake and turns aside towards Starbienino. The trail’s objective is to show the natural wealth of the area, which is the lake as well as presenting the wind power plant and sun batteries as forms of alternative sources of energy. Information boards have been placed by each of these points. This picturesque trail has some quiet spots to rest.

- yellow 9 km long – begins just passed Choczewo and leads through Kierzkowo to the wood-nature path in the vicinity of Szklana Huta’s Forest Ranger Lodge. We also recommend this trail in order to increase bike traffic security. By taking this trail one can reach the beach, consequently avoiding going along the Choczewo – Lubiatowo road which is very busy at this time of the year.

- blue 13 km long – starts at a parking lot immediately passed the village of Osieki /here you can leave your car and get on your bike/. The trail leads towards a wood-nature path and then further north along the Lubiatowo Sand Dune and the shore, through Lubiatowo and Kopalino until it finally joins the yellow trail. The blue trail’s objective is to familiarize the tourists with the issues of woodlands and forest rangers’ scope of work. It shows winter covers, Empetrum Nigrum (from Latin) forest, dune plants and natural features of historic importance. Its goal is also to attract tourists’ attention to the problem of solidifying the sand dunes and enforcing the coastline. Along the trail the tourists can also see an old German cemetery

- orange 22,5 km long – leads through the farm tourism villages of Sasino and Słajszewo. Going along the trail one can admire the remains of a water mill, the Stilo Lighthouse and dwarf mountain pines growing on the sand dunes.

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“Szklana Huta” – Nature-woodland trail

– located in the vicinity of the Szklana Huta Forest Ranger’s Lodge and designated only for hiking. It consists of 12 stops where tourists can learn more about the forest, its significance, the processes which take place in it, the work of forest rangers and methods they use in their daily work as well as objectives they are attempting to attain. You may be able to witness some examples of their work.


Here, among others, one can learn the following:

– what temperature is inside an anthill,
– what an administered seed forest stand is,
– are fallen and rotting trees a wasted timber material or maybe the environment for many living organisms which are beneficial for the forest,
– what a forest clearing is and how it is done,
– how much oxygen is produced by 1 hectare of forest,
– what barrows are and what they look like.
Within the area of the district/commune several dozen kilometres of horse riding trails have been marked out